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This blog, Yours in the Dharma by Sandy Garson, is an effort to navigate life between the fast track and the breakdown lane, on the Buddhist path. It tries to use a heritage of precious, ancient teachings to steer clear of today's pain and confusion to clear the path to what's truly happening.

Monday, October 17, 2016

News for the blues

 I am posting this because my own experience tells me it's true, astonishing but absolutely true. I was going to write a lot more but found it wasn't necessary. That Tinkerbell magic really exists: if you just believe, believe hard enough and pray, light appears and goodness comes through.
 Oh, and one more thing, as Steve Jobs liked to say:
Both of these can make life worth living.

~Sandy Garson "Wordsmithing to attest how the Dharma saved me from myself!"

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